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All of us who professionally use the mass media are the shapers of society. We can vulgarize the society. We can brutalize it. Or we can lift it up onto a higher level.”  – William Bernbach

The Creative Universe Entertainment™ produces this website for the community of those working in the media who are striving to tell positive stories and those in the audience seeking alternatives to the amorphous cultural clutter of endless edginess. This is where the light shines through the darkness.

Here the focus is on news and features that bring attention to movies, television, books, music, theater and videos that fulfill the traditional purpose of storytelling. That is, to entertain, inform and inspire through compelling plots and characters that exist within a moral universe.

The Universe itself, as represented above by the Butterfly Nebula, is a creative force that flows through all that is real and lives within each of us. It fills us with the timeless human values that feeds our souls. Those values include faith in a loving God, kindness, forgiveness, gratitude, tolerance, wisdom, courage, self-confidence tempered with humility, personal responsibility and the all-important ability to resist hypocrisy and laugh at our own foibles (as opposed to arrogantly mocking those with whom we differ). These values are neither conservative nor liberal, Democrat nor Republican. They are not religiously sectarian. They are simply matters of Supreme Truth – the source of all great drama and comedy. Let there be light!

In addition to maintaining this news site, The Creative Universe Entertainment™ develops and consults on quality properties across all media platforms.  Our wheelhouse includes original development (i.e. screenplays, TV pilots, books), adaptations (i.e. novelizations of movies and TV shows) and script consultations.

To learn more about our current slate of original movie and TV properties, to support this site via advertising or to become an investment partnermailto:john@jwkmedia


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